Sponsor and Partnership Opportunities

BLOC warmly welcomes sponsors and partners to join us in our mission to make a positive impact on our community. By aligning with us, sponsors and partners become integral contributors to meaningful projects that support our mission. Your support goes beyond financial contributions; it becomes a collaborative effort to create lasting change. Together, we can amplify our reach, leverage shared resources, and implement innovative solutions. Whether you are a corporation, foundation, or individual, your partnership with BLOC fosters a sense of shared responsibility and a commitment to making a difference. Joining forces with us means becoming an essential part of a network dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in the lives of those we serve. Please provide your contact information below so that we can connect and discussion Sponsor and Partnership opportunities.

Strategic partners

Strategic partners play a pivotal role in bolstering our organization's mission and impact. Their support extends beyond mere financial backing; it involves a shared commitment to our goals and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Through strategic partnerships, we leverage each other's strengths, access diverse expertise, and collectively address complex challenges. These alliances enhance our capacity to innovate, expand outreach, and achieve sustainable results. With the backing of strategic partners, we create a synergy that elevates the effectiveness of our initiatives, ensuring that our efforts are more comprehensive, efficient, and far-reaching. It's a dynamic collaboration that transforms challenges into opportunities and fosters a collective journey toward positive and lasting change.


More than 150 years after the founding of our firm, Sidley today comprises a diverse group of legal professionals from many cultures who are dedicated to teamwork, collaboration and superior client service. The firm has built a reputation for successfully representing clients in more than 70 countries on complex transactional, investigation, regulatory, and litigation matters spanning a range of legal areas. With 21 offices strategically situated in key commercial and financial hubs across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific, our perspective and our reach are truly global. Our 2,300 lawyers, fluent in more than 80 languages, possess the cultural awareness and cross-border legal acumen needed to bring clarity to a dynamic business landscape.

California Life Sciences

California Life Sciences (CLS) is the state’s most influential and impactful life sciences membership organization, advocating for the sector and its diverse innovation pipeline. For more than 30 years, CLS has served the community by supporting companies of all sizes, from early-stage innovators and startups to established industry leaders in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. As integral components of a healthy and collaborative ecosystem, CLS also works closely with universities, academic and research institutions, the investment community, and other critical partners that promote this vibrant sector. With offices in South San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, CLS works to shape public policy, improve access to breakthrough technologies, educate lawmakers, and advance equity within our ecosystem by championing innovative solutions for some of the most pressing challenges of our times. In doing so, CLS fulfills its mission to protect and nurture California’s life sciences industry, empowering discoveries that lead to healthier lives around the world.



Sponsors provide crucial support to our endeavors, enabling us to turn visions into reality. Their financial backing is the bedrock of our initiatives, empowering us to implement impactful projects, reach wider audiences, and make a tangible difference in the communities we serve.


We’re passionate about bringing game-changing therapies to patients suffering from serious complement-mediated autoimmune, neurodegenerative and ophthalmic disorders


With offices in 151 countries and more than 364,000 people, we are among the leading professional services networks in the world. We help organisations and individuals create the value they are looking for, by delivering quality in Assurance, Tax and Advisory services.


We dig deeper and relentlessly search for answers because that’s what the breakthroughs we seek will take. We do it with passion, humility and respect because that’s who we are. These are our values, and they guide us every day.

Want to get involved?

We enthusiastically welcome new sponsors and partners to join us in our mission, forging collaborative relationships that amplify our impact and create change.